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Beautiful Antique Doors

18th century Door, Arles

As you can see this 18th century was assembled only with tenon and mortise. It was originally sculpted from a single block of wood, the same wood that dried for half a century before being used.

This door schould be in a Museum but it still receive guest in Arles, France.

Simple but elegant 18th c. wallnut door in Provence

This door in walnut tree was sculpted in the 18th c. The wood has not warped at all.

XIXth c. Door

Monumental door, Paris 1897.

Extremely rare XVII century door in boxwood.

Don't be afraid of bright colors

Early 19th c. Paris Door

Pink doors in Provence

Autun, Burgundy

Perhaps you've never heard of Laure de Noves but she was the muse of Petrarch. The pink door above belongs to her next door neighbor. As Petrarch said: "LAURA, illustrated by her virtues and well-celebrated in my verse, appeared to me for the first time during my youth in 1327, on April 6, in the Church of Saint Claire in Avignon, in the first hour of the day".

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