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Bathroom Design & Decoration Ideas

In the last fifty years the importance of the bath in a home has grown dramatically. Whether big or small, minimalist, ornate or traditional, the creation of a bathroom demands a lot of care, technical knowledge and more than anything else, a good understanding of its user in order to be well designed. The National Kitchen & Bath Association has developed the ?Bathroom Planning Guidelines? which provides designers with good planning practices that correspond to the practical needs of users. These guidelines are best followed, and the best way to create the bathroom of your dreams is to also hire a qualified interior designer. We have selected a sample of outstanding bathrooms created by some of the most well-known interior designers; we hope that they will be a source of inspiration for your future realizations.

A Bathroom Designed by Laura Kirar

A Bathroom by Laura Kirar

Park Avenue, New York

Gold and Marble in Paris

An Unusual Bathroom in Every Sense

A Bathroom in Wyoming

A modern Japanese bathroom in Tokyo

A Japanese style bathroom

A large modern bathroom

Bath celebration

A bathroom in a luxury estate in New Canaan

Simply white

An original bath room in the Sierra Mountains

A bathroom in a luxury chalet in Vail

Fire and Water for your bath

A renovated bath room in a historic house.

A Vicente Wolf bathroom

A bathroom in Belgrave Court, London

Bathroom in Hawaii

A bathroom with exposed roof beams.

A bathroom designed by Molly Luetkemeyer

A bathroom where you feel at home

Laurel Canyon Residence Bathroom

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