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Bedroom Design & Decoration Ideas

The bedroom is certainly the most personal room in a home. This the place of retreat from the stress of everyday living. Comfort and intimacy are key to a successful bedroom design. Regardless of the size and style of the room the important factors include the quality and comfort of the bed and bedding accessories, lighting, texture, patterns, color palette, and the position and functionality of the furniture. Fabric and bed linens are particularly important as they will ultimately create the atmosphere and more often than not soften the overall look. We have selected a sample of outstanding bedrooms created by some of the most well-known interior designers; we hope that they will be a source of inspiration for your future realizations!

So British!

A Bedroom in Blue For a Vacation by the Sea

A Bedroom in Blue in England

Bed Celebration

Glamour Bed in Hollywood

A French Country Style Bedroom

Bedroom by Molly Luetkemeyer

A Bedroom Designed by Molly Luetkemeyer

A Molly Luetkemeyer Bedroom

A contemporary Bedroom in Manhattan

A Park Avenue, NY Bedroom

A Plush Bedroom in San Francisco

A Bedroom by the Sea

A Bedroom in Southampton, NY

The Shabby Clean Style by Brad Ford

A marine blue classic bedroom

Shabby Chic Bedroom

Jane Fonda's Bed Room in an Atlanta Loft

Bachelor's Pied-a-terre

A large Child's Room

An 18th century rustic bedroom

You are Welcome

A Diamond Baretta Design

A lovely bedroom

A Medieval Sanctuary for a Bedroom

The Power of Pink

Designed by Phoebe Howard

A Beach Hous in Light Blue and neutral Tones

A Phoebe Howard Creation

A bedroom in Soho, London

A Classic Modern white bedroom

An original vintage style bedroom

An Historic Bedroom in London

A Busy but not Cluttered Bedroom

A Striking Bedroom in LA

A Bedroom Designed by Alex Papachristidis

La Chambre du Jardin Chinois

Be Zen between the notes

Bedroom of the Stars, Belair

A very feminine bedroom

Classic and comfortable

It's all in the choice of fabric

A bedroom designed by Eva Jiricna.

A classic master suite

A turquoise bedroom

A very pink bedroom

A contemporary bedroom

A bedroom designed by Barbara Barry

A bedroom in the mountains

A warm bedroom in a chalet

What always works

A classical bedroom designed by Bunny Williams

A master bedroom designed by Catherine Badger

A bed room in a Sunset Bvd pied a terre

A bedroom in London UK

A bedroom in Cape Town, South Africa

Modern luxury in Mayfair

A bedroom in Mayfair, London

A bedroom in Nantucket

Bedroom in a mountain ranch

Bedroom in a summer house, Monteux

A bedroom designed by Frank Roop

A colorful bedroom

A bedroom on Fifth Avenue, New York

A bedroom in an upstate New York residence

A bedroom designed by Vicente Wolf

A bedroom in a mountain ranch

A bedroom in blue

A bedroom designed by Celeste Dell'Anna

A neo-baroque Bedroom

A bedroom designed by ken Fulk

A bedroom designed by Katie Stassi

A bed room in a Mill Valley Estate

A bedroom in New Canaan

A classical bedroom in the Sierra Nevada foothills

A comfortable bedroom in Austin, Texas

A neo-classical bedroom in Georgia

Bedroom in Kailua Kona, Hawai

Bed room in Hawai

A room in Vail

A bedroom in Vail, CO

A colonial style bedroom

A bedroom in a Florida mansion

A signature artisan revival-style bedroom

A bedroom with a view

An Italainate Villa in NY state

A sophisticated beroom in a country manor

Bedroom in a Wyoming Ranch

Bedroom of the Ford plantation

A Virginal bedroom

A bed room in the Chamonix valley, France

An Alpine style bedroom

A beautiful traditional bedroom in an old chalet, Chamonix, France

A bedroom in an old luxury chalet

A bedroom at Courchevel, France

Bedroom in a French Chalet

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