Art Deco & Rococo Style

All the works below were created in the Art Deco period by Louis Icart. At that time he was extremely popular in the United States where he was nicknamed �the Parisian dreamer.�

louis icart 1928

Art Deco is best known for its geometrical design, however this doesn�t apply to Icart whose style was a kind of synthesis of Art Deco and Rococo. Louis Icart started drawing at a very early age and was soon recognized as an extremely talented artist. He loved women and fashion at a time when fashion styles evolved toward a celebration of women using spare and simple lines.

louis icart 1934

What makes Icart such a unique artist was his ability to be at the same time an heir of Watteau and a symbol of the more stylized Art Deco period.

Louis Icart le Sofa
Le Sofa by louis Icart