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Kid in a Grown-Up Candy Shop

chocomate candies in berlin

Once upon a time, in the curious drawers and copious cabinetry of a former 1892 Apotheke, the most extraordinary handmade chocolates were to be found at Winterfeldt Schokoladen… So begins this present day fairy tale.

A little over a year ago, Berlin's contemporary chocolate connoisseur settled into their new home – a former pharmacy dating back over 100 years. Due to it being an historic designated storefront the renovation and transformation into a candy shop revolved around preserving a vast majority of the original decor. Stepping inside the recently opened Winterfeldt Schokoladen, visitors today find over 1000 varieties of rare treats filling authentic antique woodwork cabinets. The amalgam of sumptuouos chocolates and this eclectic interior is the essence of what sweet fairy tales are made of.

A nexus for handmade candy from around the globe, Winterfeldt Schokoladen carries a long list of edibles from the top independent, international chocolatiers in addition to its own line of unique confections. Although this new location is just a little over a year old, its predecessor and proprietors have history. They were among the first to deal dark chocolate in Berlin.

Emphasizing the art of confection, the shop's selection combines craftsmanship with imagination – milk, white and dark chocolate cordially meet every worthy kind of nut, fruit, spice and even flower. Constantly seeking out and developing pieces, the owners ensure that there are always new delights to discover on the shelves. Every Christmas, Winterfeldt Schokoladen designs its own new and modern take on traditional advent calendar. A business unquestionably built and run on love of chocolate, the aficionados behind the store are extremely generous in sharing their knowledge and even offer occasional classes.


Winterfeldt Schokoladen enjoys a picutre perfect location on the corner of Goltzstr corner Pallasstr. On the edge of Winterfeldtplatz, it sits just beyond the city's most famous and most prominent weekly market. Open Wednesdays and Saturdays, the market is a bustling place to see familiar faces from politics and the media strolling and picking up handmade treasures ranging from gourmet food to jewelry to home accessories to clothing.

A small cafe and children's playroom in the rear of the shop offers a spot to relax among the sights, smell, and tastes of whatever your sweet tooth desires. Cocoa, coffee, organic juices and a menu of quality, fresh, seasonal options make Winterfeldt Schokoladen a reward for those of all ages.

Winterfeldt Schokoladen
goltzstr.23/Ecke Pallasstr.
10781 berlin
+49 (0) 30 23 6 23 25 6

Contributing writer:Leah Stuhltrager

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