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Let's Tidy and Leave Room for Meditation

A very beautiful bathroom by Laura Kirar.? There?s no point in making any commentaries ? one has only to look.? Laura is practiced at meditation and a follower of the spiritual. As she herself will say, she loves to grow in eliminating the useless and in always seeking the essential.

Laura Kirar designs products for Carnegie Fabrics, Dennis Miller Associates, and Baker/Kohler. Baker/Kohler states that "Kirar's inspiration is based primarily in the late 19th and early 20th century design, as well as period fashion, architecture, music, fine art, philosophy and culture."

Designed for Baker/Kohler

modern classix beside table: Willa
Willa Bedside Table designed for Baker/Kohler. Maple solids and Walnut veneers

Lisse Sofa designed for Baker/Kohler.

Lien Desk designed for Baker/Kohlerr. Walnut solids and veneers

Laura Kirar Site

Laura Kirar

Comfort, clean lines, and a spirit of functionality are never forgotten in the design of Laura Kirar, one of the most talented interior designers of her generation as well as a furniture designer for the K?hler group. Her background in sculpture which she studied at the Art Institute of Chicago is evidenced in a brilliant mastery of volume, whether in shaping the space of an apartment or in designing a piece of furniture.


.Both of these apartments decorated by Laura Kirar are an assemblage of geometric lines and neutral tones, however her strategic placement of the decorative elements and choice of honeyed tones lends to the whole an organic sense of the living and breathing, a humanity too seldom found in modern design.

Often the case with Laura's work, one has the impression that everything is simple and easy, that things are where they should be, as in this serene New York country living room. The play of different greens with the tones of the sofa and chairs, the volume of each object chosen to reside in harmony with the room as a whole, the search for the essential while never falling for a chilling minimalism, all of these contribute to a beautiful room and an accomplished work.

In a contemporary and very contrasting style one can find nevertheless the same qualities found in the spaces above. What precision and what impeccable choice! A work that is rigorous but also the work of an artist.

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