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Edouard Benedictus, a True Renaissance Man

I recently attended a small local auction where Ifell upon a beautiful book of Edouard Benedictus, "Nouvelles Variations" (1925). What good fortune!!! I love this artist. Edouard Benedictus was a multi-talented Renaissance man, at the same time a writer, a painter, a textile designer, a book binder and a chemist.

Edouard Benedictus 1 textile 1920's

He created wonderful and colorful albums of textile and wallpaper designs in the Art Deco style. His books include "Variations," 1924, "Nouvelles Variations," 1925,and "Relais," 1930.

art deco fabric designsample designed by benedictues

He was a friend of the French composer Maurice Ravel. Both of them joined an avant-garde group of artists, writers and musicians known as the "Apaches" (with Maurice Delage, Leon-Paul Farges, Manuel de Falla, Igor Stravinsky...).

edouard benedictus design 1924edouard benedictus two fish

In addition to being a prolific designer,Edouard Benedictus is also the man who in 1909 discovered safety glass. He accidentally discovered the process of lamination by dropping a flask in his laboratory containing nitrocellulose. The shattered glass held together instead of breaking apart. ( Ref: SAINT GOBAIN)

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