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Is Nature Morte Dead ?

Everyday objects have always been a source of inspiration for artists. From the Flemish painters of the Renaissance to Morandi in the 20th century still life painters have found the essential beauty in ordinary objects. With modern art the most common objects have become a kind of obsession. These no longer represent the essence of beauty but rather the banal evidence of the consumer society.

Ricard Hamilton, 2008
Since the late 1980s Bethan Huws (born 1961, Bangor, Wales, UK ) has produced a wide ranging body of work that is acclaimed by the modern art world.

Hotel Dry Cleaning, 1998
Jason Dodge was born in 1969 in Newton, Pennsylvania, USA. He lives and works in New York and Berlin. For Dominic Eichler of Frieze Magazine "he is a clever imitator, an expert illusionist with the sharp eye and deft hands common to conjurors"

Apolinere, 2008
"Unique Work" by Bethan Huws

Left Glove Burnt By Gold, 2008
Jason Dodge

Shoes, 2006
Marius Engh

Pair, 2004/2005, Hreinn Fridfinnsson (1943-) Hreinn Fridfinnsson is one of the leading artists in Icelandic conceptual art.
At a time when sport shoes are more and more the shoes of choice, leather is the symbol of conservatism or coquetterie.

Wicked Witch of the West Shoes, 1999
(such wonderful boots!)

But you know as nobody has ever been able to give a commonly accepted definition of art, there is room for anyone who sees himself as an artist. And fortunately for some people (like me) there still exist artists in the tradition of Chardin or Morandi.

Rodrigo Moynhan (1910-1991)

William Bailey

William Bailey is an American contemporary realisitic paintern born in 1930

Louis Faye

Louis Faye- Pottery 2008

Pottery, 2008

Daniel Enkaoua

Daniel Enkaoua, 2009

Claudio Bravo, Oil on Cnvas
Red, Grey & White Paper, 2005

Claudio Bravo

Claudio Bravo

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