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The Art of Dining

"The art of dining well is no slight art, the pleasure not a slight pleasure"
Michel de Montaigne

The art of dining in style

A huge white banquet damask tablecloth that falls to the floor. This is a throwback to the ancient past when the tablecloth was used as a napkin to clean one's fingers (as most of the time people did not use forks!!!). Some antique damask tablecloths are real works of art and priced accordingly.

One should always set a table with a minimum of two glasses, the water glass on the left and the wine glass on its right. When there is red and white wine the white wine glass should be positioned at the far right.

Elegant dinner table

It is altogether appropriate, nevertheless, to have a formal service with an elegant but short tablecloth - and a perfect opportunity to show off one's legs.

Of course it's always possible to have the best of both worlds, a formal service with a tablecloth that reaches the floor and a shorter cloth placed on top to highlight the surface of the table. This one for example has elaborate embroidery which is set off by the colored cloth underneath.

Sometimes there is an artist in the kitchen

food art

food art in lyon france

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