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Design Galore in January

January is the month of The Toronto Design Week and Maison & Objets, the latter being probably the biggest home decor professional show in the world. It houses such a wealth of exhibitors that by default there is always something new and interesting to see. The delightful fabric patterns below, exhibited by the Japanese association Futaba-en are made using traditional techniques of dying that have existed for hundred of years.

Patterns of Edo Koman

Patterns of Edo Koman from Futaba-en. Edo Koman is a traditional dye technique that was elevated into a fine art by the ordinary craftsmen of Edo.

At Maison & Objets it's possible to see the wares of many small craft shops and artists who produce pieces of exceptional quality. One such artist, Etienne Moyat, creates sculptures inspired by the imprints left on day to day objects, and in doing so Etienne allows us to travel through time and across civilizations. Using fire and patinas, he reinterprets the woodworker's craft.

Etienne Moyat sculpture

In a very different style, a contemporary wall clock named Solo Hora, created by Enrico Azzimonti for Diamantini & Domeniconi, Italy. This clock has three different functions: clock, mirror and light.

Solo Hora

Below From de Nacre & d’Orient ?Starfish/Sundollar: very sophisticated cocktail picks made of silver plated starfish on a bed of mother of pearl .

Below, an original chest of drawers created by the Italian artist Valentina Giovando. Giovando creates remarkable pieces by giving new identities and functions to existing structures. She often works with combinations of such materials as wood, metal, glass and vintage fabrics.

Below, a spectacular creation of Atelier Alain Ellouz who specialize in designing and producing unique decor using alabaster.

Below, a rolltop desk in parchment?with its matching chair in parchment and suede, created by Yann Jallu Ebénisterie.

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