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Brooke Gianetti

Giannetti Architecture Interiors furniture, L.A

The style of Brooke Gianetti looks to provoke emotion. She tries to blend beautiful old artifacts, sumptuous fabrics and a classic style with little touches of fantasy. She works intimately with her clients in order to find an esthetic that conforms to their taste and their personality. Her sense of detail and the quality of her style has won her a broad and loyal clientele, particularly in southern California where she resides.

Brooke particularly enjoys English fabrics and antique French furniture. The fact that she is a mother of three allows her to perfectly understand the constraints of family life and to adapt her design to the lifestyles of her clients. Her home has always been for her a haven for reflection and has been published in numerous decorating magazines.She works quite often with her husband who is himself an architect in Los Angeles.

Brooke Gianetti and her husband share the idea that architecture and decoration have deep roots in the cultural history of their geographic surroundings. In their creations they seek to discover the essential esthetic factors that personalize and unify a style and a culture. They think that the key of good architecture is to profer a modern sense of space and the cultural roots and esthetics which are the sources of emotion and intimacy.

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