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Astrid Sampe


Designer:Astrid   Sampe

Swedish textile designer Born in Stockholm Astird Sampe attended ?Higher Industrial Art School of Stockholm? in the years between 1928-1932. This gave her the opportunity to do an exchange at The Royal Collage of Art in London. After her studies in 1935, Astrid was hired by Nordiska Kompaniet (NK) in which a year later she was appointed as the head of NK?s Textile Chambers. There she worked as a legendary leader for the textile department until her retirement in 1971. Astrid was the initiator of the ?Signed Textiles?. The idea was to create a strict graphic collection of prints that would suit the contract market. Her ability to manage and involve so many famous names also contributed to the collections success. Astrid designed three prints for this collection, ?Angels?, ?Soft Sand? and ?Thermidor? Thermidor is an exact and simple yet elegant design, printed here on bleached part linen. The aim of the collection was to create materials with strict graphic patterns for public interiors, both for big theatre-curtains and for small windows in ships and trains. It was widely considered a great achievement that Sampe managed to rally so many well-known names for the collection and later on this contributed more than anything else to stress the importance of the designer behind the pattern. Earlier the designers of patterns were never given a prominent place in marketing.

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