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Tony Duquette

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Tony Duquette was an American artist and designer based in Los Angeles. He is considered by many as an American design icon. In 1951, Tony Duquette became the first American Designer to have been honored with a one-man exhibition at "Le Louvre" in Paris.


Tony Duquette

Duquette was discovered by Elsie de Wolfe in 1941. He assisted de Wolfe with the interiors of her new Berverly Hills home.

He created costumes and sets for Fred Astaire musicals with Vincente Minnelli at MGM, including Ziegfeld Folies, Yolanda and the Thief and Kismet. . In his eighties he was creating unique fine jewelry for Tom Ford at Gucci. In between Duquette created acclaimed costumes and sets for theater, opera and ballet, his costumes for the original Broadway production of Camelot having garnered him the prestigious Tony Award for Best Costume.

The Tony Duquette Studios were also responsible for a myriad of custom interiors for both residential and commercial installations throughout America and Europe. Tony Duquette was a well known painter, sculptor and jeweler. His talents as an artist were recognized throughout his life in a series of one man museum exhibitions across the globe. Tony Duquette died on September 9th, 1999 after a life-time of awards and honors. Today, the Tony Duquette Studios continues creating custom interiors, fine jewelry and decorative home products for a discriminating clientele worldwide under the direction of Hutton Wilkinson who has been Tony Duquette's business partner since 1972.
Biomorphic console by Tony Duquette at Baker Furniture

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