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Katie Stassi

United States

Designer:Katie  Stassi

A very creative interior designer from Houston. In her own words, "My talent, my gift, was given to me by someone far more superior and creative than any high ranking school of design or influential interior designer in the field that I could have mentored. My teacher, my CEO, my manager and my creative director are all the same person, God. I am merely His associate and my studies only intensify with time. I knew at an early age that I had a gift. I had the ability to visualize and see things that most other people could not. I had a creative drive that started with fashion and beauty products, in Kindergarten to be exact. Soon, interior design and decorating came into play as well, literally. My room turned into what my family called, "my apartment". It was my retreat, my personal space that defined who I am. A minimalist with a discerning eye for the finer things in life but used sparingly in a traditional yet modern way that is light hearted, sophisticated, youthful and fun.In my opinion, a house is more than just a home. It should be a sanctuary. A place you can call your own. An extension of your personality. A friend that you care for, share memories with and relish all of the days in your life. "

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