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A Sevres Inventaire Soup Plate


PERIOD: 18th century

A SEVRES LOBED CIRCULAR 'INVENTAIRE' SOUP-PLATE CIRCA 1770, BLUE INTERLACED LS MARK, PAINTER'S VD. MARK FOR VANDE, INCISED LL MARK The centre painted with a grey circle enclosed by the script initials B. J. V. N. and an eight pointed star each point in a different shade of brown, green and blue with abbreviated names in script, the border painted with radiating bands showing forty-eight different shades of enamels with abbreviated names in script, gilt dentil rim (minor scratching to surface, some deterioration to glaze of four points of central star, slight wear to gilding) 9 3/8 in. (24 cm.) wide As un-fired colours frequently bore no relation to the colour produced when fired, artists at the factory would have made use of one or more 'inventory' palettes, such as this example. Even though the painter's would have kept and used their palettes throughout their working lives, few have survived, and S

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