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PERIOD: New Creation

This chair was designed by a young very promising British designer, David J. Irwin. With Its three legged design the Aluminium Stacker provides a stable grounding, especially when used on uneven surfaces. The chair’s ability to stack is created by removing material from the sheet aluminium seat pan, allowing the back leg to slot through. The main components of the chair (the back rest and seat ring) have been produced through the process of sand casting and are bonded to extruded flat sided oval tube, creating an extremely strong joint without the need for welding.
The chair has been nylon coated in order to combat the wear on the back leg when stacking, as the process provides a much more durable and abrasion resistant finish than standard powder coatings. The nylon is a renewable resource, based on castor oil rather than petroleum and when applied provides a finish which is warm to the touch.

Dimensions: 450 (sh) x 550 (w) x 470 (d) x 780 mm (h)

Source: David J Irwin