Small Urban Gardens

sky garden at the parkhotel singapore

Sky garden in Singapore, Designed by WOHA Architects, Parkroyal Hotel

a city garden in june in london

Small city gardens are one of the most enjoyable ways to soften the harshness of life in the big city. Gardening in London, for example, is a traditional hobby of British city dwellers - and they're very good at it! Strolling the streets of London in June can be a real enchantment and the British climate makes for infinite combinations of plants and flowers.

a small garden on a  large balcony  in manhattan

In New York City it's much more difficult to maintain a healthy garden: the extremes of temperature between winter and summer and the wind in the corridors pose challenges to growing a small garden. Nevertheless some devoted enthusiasts succeed. And to have one's corner of paradise in the city makes it well worth the effort!

large balcony with trees and flowers, nyc

flat roof garden in new york

What a view over Central Park!

large balcony with dinner table and flowers, new york

graden in london town house

A small city garden in a London Town House designed by Nicholas Haslan

A well protected private garden in Paris' 16th arrondissement. Sculpture has long played a key role in French as well as Italian gardens.

Small urban garden, Autun, France

A tiny garden in the backyard of this renaissance house, Autun, Burgundy.

 shanghai garden
Traditional city garden in Shanghai.

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